What Makes Us Different

Christ Makes The Difference

Each day the entire school dedicates the beginning of our routine with Children's Church.

  1. Prayer
  2. Pledge to God
  3. Praise & Worship
  4. Testimony Service
  5. Bible Story
  6. Review of the 10 Commandments

5 Star System

 1. Spiritually - through weekly bible lessons that allow the children to ask questions and artistically recreate bible stories.

2. Academically - through tailor made activities that challenge the mind of each child

​3. Socially - through daily task given to each child and a reward systems designed to build up character and purpose in each child. ​ Emotionally - through weekly lessons and discussions about how to handle different events and emotions that people feel.

​4. Creatively - through quarterly performances given by the children enrolled at Above Average Academy. Performances will include: visual, dance, theater and musical arts as a way to express topics that have been learned.

5. Physically - through daily activities outdoors and indoors that engage the children and help them move with music. 

Dual Language

Children are introduced to the spanish language during circle time. They are given the option of learning Spanish numbers, colors and Shapes!

Everyday we will learn and use American Sign Language.

Annual Performances

We have lots of great performances planned for our children.

  1. Thanksgiving Program
  2. Black History Program
  3. Graduation Celebration