December 2016

 Nikki has been such a blessing to my family. She is a wonderful caregiver, and puts everything into her kids and the daycare. I love that she has a curriculum for the kids, and doesn't just have them in front of a tv all day. She has a whole room dedicated to looking like a classroom and takes the kids on educational field trips. I love too that she has bible scriptures written out every morning on a chalkboard outside and keeps a bulletin on the front door with any updates regarding the daycare. She's truly an amazing person and I'm blessed I found her! Thank you Nikki.

-J. Barmer 

January 2017

 What an AWESOME Christian-Based learning center!
I could not have picked a more suitable pre-k learning environment than this one here! Nicole (Mama Bear) is the most patient, consistent, loving, and WONDERFUL teacher for ANYONES child. She uses research-based curriculum and incorporates the word of God every single day! I would recommend her Pre-K to ANYONE who believes in the Lord and wants their child to make leaps and bounds academically! Love, love, love the school and Mama Bear!

-A Current Teacher Herself..Ms. Gordon  [💗] ​ 

Sylvia Ford

 Nicole (aka Mama Bear) has been a HUGE blessing to me & my family, but especially to my son. She spills her heart and soul into all her babies, teaching them every day values beginning with Christ and then ourselves. I love how scriptures were incorporated into the lessons & had so much fun on their little field trips! The academics were amazing. My son recently started Pre K 4 and he is well “above average” thanks to Nicole and her awesome teaching abilities. He is taking dual language classes already, and took what he learned at “Mama Bear’s” school and applies it daily. He still sings all her little songs and repeats her gestures daily… which to me, is a true blessing of how Christ spills out of Mama Bear unto her little cubs. I would highly recommend Above Average Academy to anyone and everyone! Give Nicole a call – you will not regret it J